Davy Christiaens

Davy Christiaens

“fanatic – aren’t we all? – granfondo cyclist”
"“Come back stronger!""

Tell us something about yourself?

My name is Davy Christiaens, married, proud father of lovely 14 year old daughter and a cycling fanatic. Road racing, beach racing, mountainbike, track racing,… you name it, I do it. Or at least it’s still on my bucket list. I like to test my boundaries and challenge myself, which is why I focus on riding granfondo-races. I might not be one of the best when it comes to climbing, but for me it’s all about pushing myself and being the best I can be, rather then aiming for a podium (even though I once reached 4th place in Tour of Cambridgeshire, losing 3rd place by a centimeter).

Why do you wear a Mojid band?

Not so long ago I was hit by a car on training. Luckily I was still conscious and lucid enough to remember my wife’s phone number. That was the moment I realized I needed something that had al my “in case of emergency” information on me. Until I discovered Mojid Bands…

What is your life mantra?

“Come back stronger!"

Davy ChristiaensDavy ChristiaensDavy Christiaens