Ivana Kuriackova

Ivana Kuriackova

ITU PRO Triathlete
"Big dreams start with small, unreasonable acts."

Tell us something about yourself?

I'm a triathlete from the bottom of my hearth, I've been doing triathlon since my very early age. For this I thank to my mom, who was also a top Slovak triathlete. I've been doing European Cups and I recently started doing World Cups.

Why do you wear a Mojid band?

I came across these bands thanks to my friend Oli and I instantly liked how they look like. As I train and travel all around the world I think it is important to have some kind of identification and basic information with you at all times. Wearing MojID Band is for me the best solution to feel safer for the case of emergency, because we never know what might happen. And of course as a girl I find them very fashionable smile

What is your life mantra?

Big dreams start with small, unreasonable acts.

Ivana KuriackovaIvana Kuriackova